“The Club” is open

I wrote this short tale some time ago for Migue’s blog. I don’t know why, today I feel a bit melanconic and I thought to post it again, here in my blog. I hope you’ll like it, and for those who already read it, I hope you won’t mind to read it again.


Abbe Lane on Stage Doing Rhumba

It’s a Saturday night of a cold winter. Outside it’s rainy, the street lights light up the wet streets while some couples are going to enter in ”The Club”. The pale blue sign is already bright. A group of young guys are making din on the street. Two nice girls are talking and laughing before entering. Their boyfriends will come soon.
It’s the 1967. Tonight at the Club, Frank Sinatra is the special guest. Please, leave your overcoat at the wardrobe and take seat at your reserved table. The bar is open. They say you can taste the best “Manhattan” in town…

Money well spent! Frank did a great performance.
Who am I? My name is Nicola Manfredi, but everyone calls me “Nicky”. My club is the most popular in the city and the business are getting well. Many people of the “high class” are here tonight.I can see the mayor and his wife, the Senator Smith’s daughter with her boyfriend, Mr. Jenkins (the most important businessman in the city)and his lover…very good.
The club is crowded and the air smoky. Better to go and check how much liquors are at the bar.

Everything is ok tonight. The guys are working well and the girls are pouring drinks…

I need a cigarette. The moon is high in the sky and the city looks more beautiful at its light. But, tomorrow morning, the sunlight will show the same misery in the district…Well,it is time to enter. It is quite cold here and I need some whisky and…Daisy. Yes, that woman makes my blood boil in the veins!
Listen…the orchestra is playing her favourite song and she is just entered into the club. Look at her! She is like an angel…

Well it is almost 3 a.m.. The club is closed. Few people are still talking outside, in the street.

Well, baby, let’s go. I need you tonight.


One thought on ““The Club” is open

  1. Really nice Rosa! 🙂
    I think it is really fluent and you describe the scene in a very enjoyable way, I can imagine it on my head. 😀
    I really missed reading some of your fantastic articles.

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