The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

Intelligence, eloquence, strategy, diplomacy. In few words, human abilities. Each of us is a “singularity” in the universe as every person is unique for her assets and …difects. I strongly believe  that behind someone’s eyes there is a mistery, a complex world to be discovered. At the same time, it seems to me some people are sorrounded by an unpleasant, weird energy and I know that I can’t trust in who is in front of me… Someone call this “sensitivity” or “empathy”. Am I empathic? I really don’t know!

Abilities. Maybe the ability I admire the most is to play an instrument and write a melody. I’m basically unable to do it , even if (I admit) I haven’t tried seriuosly to learn how to play music. Nevertheless, I can say music is an important part of myself. Somedays, it seems to me to hear some music , while I’m smelling the countryside fresh air. I can hear music in my children’s laugh and in their eyes! Maybe our life is not perfect and full of problems, but there is always a reason to look forwad and fight. This is optimism… How wanderful invenction!


I strongly believe whatever is your ability,  you have to cherish it as it makes you the unique being you just are. 🙂



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