A sunny day

...And what if our life was just a dream, and us just pictures in someone else dream? ….


It was a sunny day. Sergio opened the door and the fresh air of the morning spread into his lungs and… into the kitchen. He smelled the air… it would have been another great day! For sure! He seated on his chair, in the shadow of his veranda and smelled the air. Again. And he felt fine. Relaxed.  The field, surrounding the small red cottage, was full of green grass and white flowers. He was sure nothing could ever disturb that new so promising  fantastic day!  He felt like he had never spent a such wonderful vacation in the last ten years. Then, he stood up and took his jogging shoes when his attention was caught up by a small pack, with a blue envelope and a narrow golden  ribbon. On it a card: “I have to inform you your vacations are ended. You are pleased to eat the candy on the table and you’ll be sweetly back home.” He looked at the colored candy hand-shaped on the table. For an instant, the remembrance of his parents and him in one of the suggestive, ancient market of the Central Europe of the 20th Century, rose to his memory. He kept on reading the card: ” I hope you enjoyed the services of the “More than reality, just dream! ltd.”


2 thoughts on “A sunny day

    • Oh I’m glad you liked this short passage. I wrote it in few minutes starting from just an image appeared in my mind. Thanks to be here Gabriel. A big hug!

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