The value of a “Goodbye”

What is the meaning of a goodbye? You turn on your side, you give a last look to the person you love (a friend as like a beloved) and your heart breaks like glass on the floor. I can say that if there is one word that maybe I’ve said just once in my life,  is goodbye.  The sense of a goodbye is the sense of a decision, often a hard one, bringing troubles but sometimes necessary. I don’t like this word as it means a loss so, I prefer to say “see you one day”. Yesterday I listened to a Billie Holiday’s song and my pen started writing something I typed few lines below.


Goodbye my love,

I’ll never see you again

I’ll never hear your voice

whispering at my ear.

And I’ll miss you.

I left you some minutes ago

and I already miss you..

our never-ending talks,

your nice smile,

your glance so meaningful

your way to look at me.

Maybe, I just dreamed of you

day by day, night by night.

I just wished to have you.

Once. And I pray to meet you

someday in this life or in another

just to say “hello my love”.

But now…Goodbye!

Goodbye my darling


As I love Billie Holiday’s voice, here it is one of her most famous song written by George Gershwin…


7 thoughts on “The value of a “Goodbye”

  1. I think sometimes even we don’t want to say good bye we have to, I am agree with you Rosita, it is a sad word but sometimes there is no option. It is always nice to read your inspiring articles 😀

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