The first time

Have you ever thought at the first time you did something? The first time you rode a bicicle, the first time you swam without any help. The first kiss, of course and the first time you made love with someone. The first word of your child and his first unstable steps… 🙂 What an emotion! And what an expectation!  I don’t know why, but very often people think the first time they did something it was the best one or it was just special. I think that people save a nice remembrance of their first times because they represents a beginning, the first step along a new path. A beginning is full of expectations, projects and open your mind to new horizons. A first time is a victory: finally you are able to do something and this encourage you to keep on with your life, your projects. But, of course, the first time can be linked to a defeat: the first drug dose, the first time you beat someone, the first hangover…Everybody knows life is not perfect and we just try to don’t lose ourself in this world so complicated. Yesterday was the first time I felt the pain of a real tragedy pass near me. Yesterday, a young woman decided to leave our world in a sad and desperate way. And she chose an University, a place full of life and activities… I can’t exempt myself in thinking about the loniless of a person who has no hope. Maybe just a word, a smile could have been enough to let her see something in front of her, something different from the void.  But, nothing happened yesterday: she was alone in a crowd….And I can’t exempt myself of thinking about the first time I felt my kids inside of me. The first time I felt complete, really happy. I’d like to have had the chance to let her feel just a little of the happiness I felt  when I kept my children in my arms for the first time and say to her no trouble can prevent you to live! I feel stunned, powerless. For the first time…



2 thoughts on “The first time

  1. I think we can only see the “shell” of people that are around, we don’t know what is inside, we don’t know what other people are feeling even they look fine. But i think comunication or sharing with close people we trust can save us from desperate acts like this.

  2. I think there is a hope all the time we have to catch it never let it go from us , If we let it that’s mean life’s end . Some people need help to show them their right way , Sometimes i feel there is one of them just live without a soul , But the hope ‘ll back the soul for him /her . But lonely life is so hard , So let’s be together forever as a great friends .

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