Modern life

Mounir Fatmi-Modern Times – 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art.

In modern times you must be:

  • efficient
  • rapid
  • accurate
  • smart
  • somehow genial
  • creative
  • sociable
  • friendly
  • …..and so on….

In Modern Times you don’t have the time to think:

  • you have to run
  • and you have to work
  • and you have to take care of your family
  • and you have to go for shopping
  • and you have to be sexy
  • and so on…

And, suddenly, a famous scene from Charlie Chaplin movie come to my mind…

At last, when you are breathless, you have to stop and, then, you realize that you have run for all your life but you have not stopped to enjoy your life, to taste that so good red Italian wine you drank in a sunny afternoon on a veranda in a Tuscanian villa. Fortunately, an event forces you to stop and, then, you realize you are breathing … and smelling fresh air and, there is a beautiful brunch of coloured flowers in the florist window… You realize there is a sunny day over there and you can feel the warmth of sunrays and….. you are alive! You are much more than a “working creature”: life is more than work and run and when you realize this, you become master of yourself again.

I think people should never lose the sense of the life, of what makes life worth to be lived. You can be rich and be poor at the same time and…viceversa!

And, I can just wish to you…HAPPY LIFE!!



4 thoughts on “Modern life

  1. Words can not be truer…
    What an exciting and visually stunning post Rosa and Chaplin I adore!

    • Thanks dear for your nice comment!
      I love Chaplin too: inspite of its comicity, he makes people think about some aspects of human nature and society.

      A world of love


    • Hello dear Stella!
      I’m really happy to know you read my articles!:)And I’m happy to know you have a happy life. A big hug from Italy! 🙂

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