I went out to find myself,
lost in the shadow of a cloud.
I scanned the sky, I asked the sun.
The moon, moved,
told me “Ask the river!”.
I moved to the frothy stream
and, then, I met my image,
enprisoned in gurgling water.
“Why are you so far from me?”
“I need some rest” was the answer.
” too much pain,
too much noise over there”.
“Come with me again,
the sun is waiting for you,
the trees, the leaves
the gentle flowers too”.
I gave my hand to her.
Euterpe, started playing her flute
while Tersicore was dancing.
Flora, decided to rewake
the fresh violets.
A magic atmospheare
spread in the air.
A new life, a new day,
no tears of a child, a smile.
This is a beginning,
Life is a gift, let’s try!

4 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. You are a moon,I’m a star,we are looking everyday,we knows we are deep love,but we are living in the different channel,we never living in the same is our destiny.

  2. I’ve missed this tender view of the world through your eyes dear Rosa…
    Warmest Christmas wishes to you this holiday season!

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