Like a leaf

I wrote this poem some time ago, in a period not so easy for me, while my heart was fighting my reason…



I’d like to be a leaf,

to let the disappointments slide away

like a drop of dew in the sunrise.

I’d like to be a leaf

to sail on the ocean’s waves

to reach the borders of the Earth.

I’d like to be a leaf,

to fly in the wind

and fall gently on the wet grass.

A leaf, blown by the wind

to reach you, my love

and whisper at your ear

how much important

you are for me.

Life sometimes is hard

and I’m so imperfect.

Even if I think I’ll be successful

and I fight everyday

sometimes, I’d like to fly away

without any feelings

just like a leaf, fallen from the heights.

But, for a fallen leaf

a new one will born on Spring.

A renewed life, ready to live.

After a fall, there is a new beginning,

life goes forward fast.

But now, I’ll take a breath

Before starting a new fight again.

Let me rest, quietly.

Like a leaf on a tree in a sunny day.



14 thoughts on “Like a leaf

  1. 片片紅葉轉,它低嘆再會了這段繓緣,

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