Something about love…

“Love” by Gabriel Almaguer Ibarra

Take a look around you and, probably, in every moment, you’ll see some kind of love demonstration. Love
for a person, love for kids, love for nature, love for pets, love for the own  job and so on… For instance, pets are very important for a great part of the  people. Who haven’t had a pet almost once in his life? The so called “pet  therapy” is recommended by psychologists to cure some forms of depression.  To don’t talk about the love for the own Country and traditions. Love is  everywhere, in any condition. I think that every human being has experimented  such feeling almost once in his life. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to deal  with a such a topic as it is very easy to talk about it saying things already  said by someone else. Our life is inspired by love and people do very important  choices for love. A smart student could choose to don’t go and finish a Ph.D.
course abroad because of a love story, a father could say “no” to the most  important job offer he had  received in his life because he loves his family and  he doesn’t want to leave. Moreover, a father or a mother would do everything  they can to help a son or a daughter, a real friend is always there when you  need him and you know he is there for you. I’ll put to you a questions then:  what would you do for love? Would you even lie for love? Nowadays, a lot of  people look for a partner on the net. Young people as like as adults surf the  web hoping to meet someone to love or someone to have just sex with… It is the  so called “Dating on line”. Well, it is very trendy and it seems it works often  and a lot of couples got married this way. But, people must be careful. An  internet relation isn’t different from a “face to face” one. After all we are  always the same, in the internet as in the real life. And sometimes it is easier  to express himself (or lie!) when a person is typing on the keyboard of a  computer. But, maybe, there is a greater the risk to meet a dishonest person
(sometimes dangerous) than in the real life.

Once, when people were used to meet face to face only, it wasn’t easy to lye  about their look or about their way of wearing… Now we are used to Facebook,  to Myspace, to the chats and so on. We could be who we would like to be. If we  want, we could be beautiful instead of ugly, cultured instead of ignorant… It  is like the Rostand‘s Cyrano of Bergerac story. Cyrano was a very erudite man, a  poet, a swordsman too but he had a big nose, so, when he met the most beautiful  woman he had ever seen in his life, he knew she couldn’t fall in love with him  and helped a very nice guy (Cristiano) to gain her love. His friend was  handsome, but he wasn’t cultured or able to talk in a lovely way. Rossana (this  was her name) seemed to fall in love with the nice guy, but, at last, she  realized she loved him because of his words, of his poems: she was in love with  Cyrano! This tale was written in the 19th Century. Some weeks ago a dear friend  was asked to “hire” his picture on Facebook: a friend needed his help to win a  girl’s heart. Once again someone tried to be different to gain someone else  love, but unlike Rossana, she was interested just to meet the handsome guy and  not the other one with whom she was used to talk to almost every day. Well, I’m  not ugly, so, I haven’t ever felt the need to appear in a different way.  Nevertheless I think it is better to take some risks and show the own nature  instead of lying. After all, everyone wants to be loved for himself, don’t you  mind? Someone says that you are ready to love when you are ready to suffer…I  don’t know if it is right, but of course, everyone almost once in his life had  suffered for love…. LOVE! Wonderful, sometimes terrible, but indispensable! As  human beings, we need love: we need to love and to feel loved. Maybe you are not  rich, but you feel fine. Maybe you have everything you have ever desired but you  feel blue… The scientists say that love is caused by some chemical reactions  and the other person is a sort of “catalyst” that let our body produce a sort of  “endorfines”, chemicals which let us feel great when we are with the partner or  with the person we love. It seems that love is an adaptation due to the  evolution of the human species: if you lovesomeone, you’ll spend a part of your  life with him/her: you’ll have kids and the other person will help you. This  way, the species has more chance to survive: two people could take care of the  kids better than only one, a family works better than the single. That’s the  origin of love! Well, I’m a scientist and, of course, I think that there is an  “organic” origin of love, but I’m also a dreamer and, as every good dreamer, I  can’t believe that love is just a chemical reaction. There must be something  else…:)

Rosa for MK blog


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