The Mistery of the Land and the Gift.

What you are going to read precedes the “Escape from the Tower” I posted few days ago. I thought it would be easier for you to have the whole tale in the same blog. I gave also a title (I don’t know if it will be the last one) the the entire story. I hope you’ll like it.


Chapter 1: The Prelude.

In the shadow of the twilight  Eos (the red moon) and Tula (her white sister) had already risen up at the
horizon. It seemed the sun, Eres, was going to set down behind a mountain  range, but it was just an impression. In that season, there wasn’t a real  night. In the light of the three heavenly bodies, a knight was running fast on
his black horse. Time was almost over and the destiny of the Land of  Never-ending-sun was in the hands of Cahetel, the boy he was taking with him.  At their back something like a fog was approaching. They could see it from  distance. Fortunately they passed the Muttering River, and the fog stopped, as if  an ancient force forbad it to pass. The knight and the boy run without any rest  through a plan, sprinkled by majestic trees. Their mission was to deliver a  desperate message: the Obscure Wizard conquered most part of the Land  territories, the Lady of the three Kingdoms had been imprisoned and her son had  to be saved. The last place out of the Wizard’s influence was represented by  the Lightning Mountains, where some ancient and powerful Entities resided.

In a hidden place, in the Red Spirits land, they met the Spirit of the Freshwater, who guided them till the origin
of the Muttering River. In an dismissed tower, the Spirit showed him a stone  emitting an unknown kind of energy. “What is this?” – the boy asked to his  mystic guide “This is the “Eye of the White Dragon”, one of the Primitive Stones  whose energy rules the balance of the Universe.” The boy asked:“Can I touch it?  What is the warmth emerging from it? And the pale light?” – “None could touch  it, if the Stone doesn’t want.” The Spirit looked at him with more interest as  the boy was hypnotized by the stone. “But, if you want, you can try…”. So, he  moved his hand near the stone, firstly shyly but as the energy wrapped the  hand, a sudden movement led Cahetel to touch the stone. Then, a pale blue light  came from the stone and surrounded the boy, whose eyes closed immediately. In  that moment, he felt the energy flowing through his body. Suddenly, he became  as old as the Land itself. He was there when land, water, air and fire were  united in the first Seed of the new world. He felt the pain of separation when  the Stone was divided from the other elements  when the world was molded .He saw the Ancient Observer placing four stones at  the corners of the Land to balance the Forces of the Universe and let life  forms live on it. Cahetel shared, this way, a knowledge that none else had ever had. Then, he knew why a single drop of rain was so precious, why the stars  were shining in the night, why the rivers were so hurry to join the sea.  Everything was clear. After few minutes, the Stone  stopped his effects on the boy, who fell down on the ground. The Spirit took  the body till a pond full of crystal-clear water. There, two other spirits with  their hands took some water and washed Cahetel’s eyes. After that, a pale blue  stone, transparent like a crystal, was placed on his forehead and a music  raised from the surrounding wood.

Little by little, Cahetel  started regaining consciousness, but he was different. When he looked at his  image in the water, he saw an adult man, with deep blue eyes. If you’d give a  look at them, you could feel like seeing the universe…“The stone chose you as  her guardian”- said the first Spirit – “The Obscure Wizard already captured two  Stones”-  “Fire” added a second entity –  “and Land” said with a deep voice the third one and added: “This is the Stone of Water: your task from now on is to protect it”, In the meantime, another  entity with the shape of a tall shadowy man, looked at the entire scene without  interfering with the events. He hadn’t any name, as he was ancient almost like  the Universe. He watched at the events succeeding on the Land like a spectator  since the water was separated by land and fire, and air was born. He seldom  intervened in the events themselves, but now the situation was critic. “Difficult  task, my boy” said the Man with a sort of smile on his face “really difficult.
We will meet very soon” He disappeared. Cahetel watched at his image in the water: he couldn’t  believe at his eyes! He wasn’t a boy anymore! He was a man! He looked at his  hands and he noticed something unusual: he was wearing a ring of silver color,  and he had a symbol at the center of the palm of the hands: a circle and inside
of it four symbols, one for each primitive element.

A music raised up again and  many other entities appeared near the pond. They surrounded the young man. They
were singing without moving any part of their evanescent body. A circle of  light appeared around Cahetel. Suddenly, the water raised up from the pond like  a column of crystal and a blue light appeared in the empty pond. “Go Cahetel! Take  the “Eye of the White Dragon with you” – The young man wasn’t able to talk as  he was completely amazed – “This passage was built by the Ancient People of the  stars.” – said a voice “It will take you in a safe place” – added another one –  “The fifth Colony. Its inhabitants call it Earth” concluded the second Spirit.  “Go and find the Predestinate, the only one who can defeat the Wizard” – “Don’t  worry, you won’t be alone, Haniel will watch over you” – “And the ring will  protect you against the evil messengers of the Wizard”- Calahel couldn’t  identify which one of the spirits where talking to his mind. It was just like  the phrases were a part of a melody.  A  spirit, whose appearance was resembling to a woman, gave the crystal pale blue  stone to him. Suddenly, the stone became brilliant and he knew it will cure him  from every kind of maladies, as it had been done just few minute before. A cold wind started blowing  and some threatening clouds were filling the sky. Calahel shivered. “Go now,  it’s late” – This time, the Spirit of the Freshwater was talking. The young man  gave a look around him. A shadow was covering completely the sky with an  impressive rapidity. It was not a natural phenomenon. The Wizard was  approaching to the Red Spirits Land. He turned his face to the pond, looked at  the knight (who moved his head slowly like to say he is doing a good  thing)  and jumped into the passage.

Chapter 2:The passage and a meeting

It lasted just a  second. After jumping into the pond, Cahetel felt like fluctuating in an  indefinite space, dragged by a force like fog dispersed by a strong wind  through a valley. His body had no weight, his mind was completely free.  Suddenly, his body was painful and heavy again, the air flowed through his  lungs. He reborned. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pale light surrounding  him. This light passed from yellow, to orange and, finally to red. At last, a  dazzling blue lightning, then the darkness. After few seconds, Cahetel’s eyes  adapted to the dark atmosphere and he realized he was in a round room made by a  dark stone. There was just two windows, high in the wall. A pale light  enlightened part of the wall and of the floor, where he was seated. He explored  the floor itself by his hands and he realized he was in a circle, with some  water flowing through it. But, after few minutes the water disappeared, discovering  opalescent stones making the circle itself.  He looked at the room intently, and even if it was night, he was almost  sure it  was empty with the exception of  some mirrors hanging from the walls. Even the high ceiling seemed brilliant,  but he wasn’t able to recognize the nature of the matter it was made by. Paying  more attention, he noticed the mirrors were able to reflect the light entering  through the windows, giving some kind of lightening to the room. Like a dream,  the pale light of a candle appeared at the side of a beautiful mirror, whose  frame was accurately carved. Then, Cahetel realized he wasn’t alone in the
room. A woman was seated in front of the mirror, brushing her long hair with  grace and cure. The candle floating in the air. “Finally a pilgrim from  Nowhere” said a voice, calmly. The young man noticed the image

reflected by the  mirror: it was a charming woman, with an indefinable age. “Lately, some  fleeting ghosts came from the same place. I let them pass, but they annoy me  now…”. She stopped brushing, looking at the pilgrim through the mirror. His  eyes were deep, dark with a light inside, a sort of flame. “Dear Madame, my  name is Cahetel. The Red Spirits sent me to the Fifth Colony” he said standing  up and making a bow. She stood up. “Very interesting. So, they opened the  passage. You must be very important”. When she started moving, the young man  noticed her face changing appearance: in a moment she was young, but suddenly  she looked like an old woman. Moreover, when she started walking it seemed she  had two different images, following and, at the same time, overlapping each  other.  Cahetel wasn’t able to move or to  speak. “Give me your hand, as I can see who you are…”. When she saw the circle  in the palm of his hands, she looked with her penetrating, mysterious glance  the guy’s eyes.”I can’t stop you, Blue Pilgrim”. Then, Cahetel felt like a  heavy force had released him. He breathed deeply. “Do you have any message from  Him?”she said while turning back and going to seat at the mirror. “No, Milady”  he answered without knowing the reason. “Oh! I’ll wait for Him. I know. He’ll  come back”. So, she started brushing her hair again. Calmly. With grace.   In that moment a pale blue light spread from
the surface of the ceiling to the mirrors. A disk of blue light extended till  the circle on the floor, wrapping the voyager who felt his body dissolving like  fog. Again.

The strange tall  man took Laura’s hand. The little girl looked at him puzzled. “Who are you?  What is your name?”. He smiled “I’ll tell you when you’ll be bigger than now”. The man opened her hand and, rapidly, placed something in it. A short lightning  spread from her closed fingers but, when she opened them, there was nothing. A  wind moved her long, black hair. The man smiled again.”We will meet again, when  you’ll be ready Laura”. The girl was completely confused, but at the same time,  she felt comfortable. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. He pointed something  behind the girl. A bird was waiting on a roof. She turned on her side and when  she looked again to him, he wasn’t there. He was disappeared.

Chapter 3: A new Land, a new light

The old shepherd  was seated on a stair, outside a rural house. The sheep were  browsing on the tender grass, under a clear,  sunny sky. Suddenly, a blue thunder fell on the ancient ruins, just a hundred  meters far from the flock.   The sheep,  frightened, run away together with the sheepdogs. The old man, astonished by a  such unusual phenomenon, approached to the ruins. Four lines of damaged columns  were still standing.  They were surrounding a circular platform. On it, a mosaic  whose design was damaged by the time injuries. It was evident that once the  temple was a part of a big construction, whose origin got lost in the ancient  Age.  The shepherd didn’t believe to his  eyes when he saw a young man lying on the mosaic. He was very tall, with a pale
skin and his clothes were strange.  But,  above all, he hadn’t seen anyone approaching to the ruins themselves. “Good  morning, Dario!” said a voice at his back. The poor man started! He turned on  his side till he saw the man who had just spoken. “How do you know my name?”he  said muttering- “It isn’t important. Look, your sheep reached the root of the  hill. You ought to go and catch them all”. Completely puzzled, Dario started
walking slowly along a pathway. He believed he had just had some kind of  hallucination…But the more he walked, the more he run till he disappeared among  the myrtle brushes. The mysterious man reached the ruins. “Welcome to a new  Land, pilgrim”. These were the first words Cahetel heard after his last trip  through the passage. His body was hurting, painful, laying on a hard surface.  With closed eyes, he noticed a really bright light penetrating through the  eyelids. “Don’t open your eyes yet. You are not used to such bright light”.
Cahetel, rose up on his arms, keeping his eyes closed. He could smell the air, which  had a  perfume different from any one he  had smelt before. Temperature was pleasant, just a little warmer of the one he  was used to. He stood up keeping his eyes closed. The gentle voice accompanied  him into a closed place, where there was some shadow. “Seat here” said the  voice. The light became less bright than before and Cahetel opened his eyes.
A  young man was in front of him,  smiling. His age wasn’t definite, but he looked like a forty-years-old man. “So
Madame Butterfly let you pass”- he said- “you are lucky”. The man had a gentle  expression on his face, and Cahetel felt very comfortable with him. He realized  he was seated on a chair in a small room with some wooden buckets, dark  curtains at the windows, some furniture and objects he had never seen before.  That place resembled more to an harbor than to a place to live in. “My name is  Haniel, who are you?” . The pilgrim was hesitating. “I’m Cahetel of the Land.  The Red Spirits sent me through a  passage”. While he was talking, his attention was caught by an object, hung at  the wall. He had felt he had already seen it, but he wasn’t able to remember  where and when it happened. Haniel looked at him with increasing attention.  Cahetel was staring at the object. A soft blue light started shining from the  weird object. Then, Haniel stood up, closed his eyes, rose up his arms and  started muttering, like he was singing a song. His expression changed.  Suddenly, a gust opened wide the door, which slammed noisily. The object  started swinging and an aura of pure light spread from it through the room till  Cahetel. Haniel was singing, he opened his eyelids, but his eyes wasn’t there:  there was just light. In that moment he was a being made by light, immaterial.  The blue stone on Cahetel’s forehead started shining with an intense blue  light. The wind stopped blowing and the room became quiet again. Cahetel’s head  was beating and his arms were hurting. “What happened?” said whispering –  Haniel smiled openly “You are welcome, Cahetel. The Red Spirits sent you here  and their energy is in you” he said nodding. “I’m the Guardian of the fifth  door”.

In the Marsh  Region tormented by an eternal storm , a rock was still standing. In it, a  whisper  of desperation was running  through the rooms. No human being could listen to it without going crazy. No  hope could enter in that place, neither  Eres, the sun, dared to enlighten that mysterious castle. The nature  itself seemed frightened by that construction. There, in a dark corner of the  main room, two red eyes opened. “Come to me Azoth. Your master is calling you”.  A chilling smile appeared under the red eyes. “I’m ready”.

Chapter 4: The search starts

A gust of  dark smoke entered into the wide room, enlightened by some fires hunging from  the walls. A shadow were standing at a window. Still. Whoever he was, he was  looking outside intently. “Which are your orders, Master?”. Silence.  The gust formed a human shape, than a material being. With red eyes. “The  passage has been opened. Someone took the stone away from the Land”. A  voice was talking, but it wasn’t possible to perceive its sound by human ears.  An unarticulate sound came from the black-shaped servant. “You’ll have to
go to the Red Spirits Land and open the pas-sage”. Azoth seemed to retire  itself like struck by a sudden fear. But it was just an instant. The shadow at  the window said turning on his side “I’ll come with you. You won’t be able
to pass” and then added “To don’t talk about Madame Butterfly…It’s  time for me to meet her.”Something like a pale light enlightened a picture  suspended on a sort of table. In it, a beautiful woman.The clouds run fast in
the sky, moved by a impetuous wind. The sun set, Tula rose up followed by Eos.  At the pale light of the moons, the Muttering River resembled to a silver wire  in the darkness of the plan. In an apparent quiet, two shadows crossed the  freshwaters. Soon after a scream spread in the air while some lights moved  towards the River. A battle was taking place. It seemed that two armies where  struggling. There, in the Land of the Red Spirit, the lights were covered by  the sha-dows when suddenly a lighting swept all of them away. But, soon after,
a blue light realized from the pond where Cahetel started his journey just few  days before. The passage had been opened again. The wizard and his servant  passed through. more quickly for the inhabitants than for us” Haniel was  talking with his reassuring voice “but not for us”. Cahetel, whose life had  been changed so radically so quickly, had hundreds of question to make about  the new Land, similar but at the same time so different from his native one.  “They told me I have to find the predestinate. But, how? “. Haniel took a  dark stone “Give me your hands”. The young man did what required. Haniel closed  his eyes and started singing a strange melody. Then, an image appeared in front  of Cahetel’s eyes: there was a young woman reading. She was in a sort of
castle, in a green land. The vision lasted few seconds, Haniel smiled. “Well,  we know her face now we have to find the way to her and I know who could help  us”. His crystalline eyes shone for an instant. “It’s time to move Cahetel” he  added. But, suddenly, a sensation of cold and fear hold their bodies. Haniel  looked at the passage, outside the refugee. “Something is going to happen… We  have to hurry…come with me!”

I  went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not  learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had  not lived. “Laura was reading this passage by Henry David Thoreau, when an  image came into her mind. It was a vision. A young man, a stranger with a  bright light spreading from him were calling her. She looked at the window. The
bright light of the sun enlightened her face and her mind lost in the blue of  the sky. Eight years passed since she met the strange shadowy tall man who, in  a day of October, gave her a gift. Everything started with a nightmare. A door  opened in front of her eyes. A light spread from it. She wasn’t able to see  what was beyond the door. A hand opened went out of it, bringing a light. It  was clear that the owner of the hand was at the other side of the threshold.  She heard a voice calling her name “Laura…” and “this gift is for you… take  care of it”. Suddenly, the smile of the shadowy man appeared and then, she saw  a unknown crepuscular landscape. She was flying over seas and volcanoes and  plans and mountains till she saw a woman at a mirror. She was white dressed. “Come
back to me, child” said the woman smiling. Then Laura woke up abruptly. This  remembrance was still well defined in her mind. The dream recurred many times,  sometimes with more details. But, recently, a young man appeared in it. He was  looking for her, but, suddenly a dark shadow covered him and two red, horrible
eyes appeared instead of the foreigner. This dream made her shiver every time.  She was sure that she’d come and know the sense of everything very soon.


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