The escape from the Tower

“Laura” by Gabriel (2010)

This is the 5th chapter of a story I started writing about one year and a half ago. I haven’t given to it any definitive title yet. I call it just “Laura’s story”, as everything began with a short tale having with main character a young woman called Laura. I developed this story with the help of my friend Gabriel, who drew different wonderful pictures, and with the support of my friends Migue, Zoe, Vesna, Avelino, Diane and Sahime, who encuraged me in keeping on writing (for your fortune or misfortune…). Besides Laura, you’ll
find another important woman , Madame Butterfly, who was created by 4 different friends listed above during a literary experiment. That first character took life in my tale but if you give a look to you’ll find the original Madame Butterfly together with “The gift” and “The Mistery”, two shorts literary experiments I did with Zoe, Vesna, Diane and Migue. They are part of the tale you are going to read on this blog. If you want give a look to the previuos pages of Laura’s story, you can find them on the following link: My advice is to take some time and give a look, so everything would be more clear.   



Chapter 5: The escape from the Tower

The blue light spread through the tower. Madame Buttefly, disturbed by a new arrival, was wondering why the passage opened again in a such short time.  After all, she had been alone since, with a deception, He left her alone, suspended in an ethereal world. Alone for Ages, till some fleeting ghosts arrived from Nowhere and she let them stay in the Tower. Other voyagers without any mission, in the course of the time, had a different fate: they were imprisoned in a Limb. She moved silently through the spoiled rooms. Outside, an eternal night with just the light of a big moon, her companion till she became the guardian of the Middle Passage, crossroads of different passages connecting far worlds spread throughout  the universe. The blue light became weak till it disappeared definitely. At the light of the moon, two shadows appeared in the circle room where Madame Butterfly, with her eyes on flame, was standing in her black dress. She recognized Him. Finally, after so long time, He was there. But He wasn’t alone. Two read eyes in a dark face were looking at her. A new pale light was starting to spread from the floor. The passage was opening again. Suddenly, a rush of wind blowed through the tower and some ghosts surrounded the strangers describing a circle, a sort of pale twirl almost high as the room itself. The wizard held out his right hand, a red ring started shining and a sort of shield covered him and the fluctuating dark shadow at his side. Madame Butterfly smiled. She was the Guardian, none could pass if not  allowed! She closed her eyes, rising up her arms. Then, she opened her shining eyes, making the ghost run more quickly. With a simple move of her hand, the Wizard and Azoth were thrown away from the passage, whose light was still increasing. He stood up “Lysa…” he said quite gently. It was just a second…Madame Butterfly became young again and her eyes became deep blue. In that instant, she was just a woman like Ages before. Suddenly, a fit of rage overcame her heart . The Wizard was immobilized, falling down on the floor. Inexplicably, the passage opened completely, even without her will. A scream raised up in the air: Azoth, after a fight with the ghosts, passed through the passage. A dark object surrounded by a flame was in the circle. Madame Buttefly was furious: none in so long time escaped from her Tower. She turned fiercely her eye towards the Wizard: “There  are just you and me now. And an eternity to suffer…”.

They had been travelled without rest for 2 suns. After his arrival on the 5thcolony, Haniel gave Cahetel some new cloths. They would resemble two typical inhabitants of that land. Haniel took him on some fast machines,  sometimes crowded. So, he could appreciate the beauty of some landscapes and the strangeness of their villages, with high houses and blinding lights. At last, they reached, riding, a place on the top of a hill, where a circle of high stones was still standing. Abandoned. On the stones, some ancient signs revealed the nature of that  place. “We will use this passage to travel till an island where we will find Nimah, the oracle, who will show us the path to the Predistinate”. A shadow obscured his light face. “He won’t ever find her”. Cahetel felt the need to ask
more about the Predestinate and how she could save the Land but, when he turned on his side, he saw Haniel seated with his eyes closed. “You need rest, pilgrim” said the kind voice. Suddenly Cahetel realized how tired he was. He laid on the grass, falling asleep. When Cahetel opened his eyes, it was still dark. The air was clear and fresh. A bright star was shining at the horizon and the sun was going to start his travel in that sky with just one moon. His mind was overwhelmed by thoughts.  It seemed he had been away from the Land for Ages. What happened to it, after he jumped into the passage, he didn’t know. But he was very worried for his people. The
Wizard wouldn’t ever resign himself to lose the most powerful Primitive Stone, the “Eye of the White Dragon”, the Stone of water. His mind run to his mother, imprisoned.  He breathed.  As guardian of the Stone, he felt to have some kind of control on water element, even if he didn’t realize yet how to use it. While Cahetel was lost in his thoughts, Haniel woke up abruptly. He had a nightmare. An evil being with two red eyes was approaching, and behind him, the Wizard. Haniel knew it wasn’t just a dream: he felt the Evil was travelling to the 5th colony looking for Cahetel and the Stone. They had to hurry. Haniel found Cahetel seated on the grass, looking at the rising sun. “We have to go. Nimah is waiting for us.”

The grey clouds, pregnant of rain, were chasing each other, pushed by a Southern wind. A flock raised up in the sky while a cat, seated upon the branch of a tree, was miaowing at a shouting dog. It was Autumn and, soon, rain would start to fall. Laura was having a walk with a blond girl, Leslie, talking like just young women can do about nothing and everything. And it happened. In a moment, everything disappeared around her and the tall shadowy man appeared in a grey atmosphere. After 10 years he was there again, exactly like she remembered.With his deep and dark eyes and his dark mantle, he resembled to a Robert Stevenson’s character but somehow disturbing like a protagonist of an Edgar Allan Poe tale. Nevertheless, Laura felt he wasn’t evil. “It is time to use it,
Laura” –  he smiled. The young woman was breathless. She felt a warmth in her hand, shining. She looked at the man “Don’t be afraid. You’ll know what to do”.  The vision disappeared leaving her confused. What did it mean? She looked at her hand and a silver ring appeared on one finger. The gift revealed itself.

Writting by Rosa Anna Nastro, drawnings by Gabriel Almaguer Ibarra. (2011)


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