The Ballad of the Moon


Once upon a time,
A lady
really nice
Who had all she had ever desired.
She got married during a
full moon,
But she felt his life wasn’t as she liked.

She looked at
the blue lake,
From a balcony full of lilies
And the Moon was
Full, shinning more than silver,
Pale like the ice.

The lady
thought it could be very nice
To have a Moon always at her side.
From the
The Moon was looking down,
In the dark lake, to see her

“Hey you! Moon!” – The lady shouted
“Would you like to come and
take a tea?”
“No thanks, I have an appointment with the sea”.
“Oh! I’d
love to come with you!!
To stay in a sky so blue!!”

“You see
everything on the world
And.. you are so beautiful!”
The Moon looked at
the lady-
“Oh! I’ve seen a lot of things”
“Some are pleasant and others

The voice of the Moon was quiet
“But sometimes I feel
And the lady, smiling, said
“If you take me with you,
never leave you alone”

The Moon thought for a while
And then a pale
ray of light
Enlightened the balcony.
Everything became bright.
lady disappeared.

“Now you won’t feel alone anymore”
A new shining
star appeared in the sky
And If you look just a bit far from
The right
side of the Moon.
You’ll see the lady, smiling from the high.

(Rosa for Migue’s blog, 2010)


An hypnotic video for a magic song…


6 thoughts on “The Ballad of the Moon

  1. Hi! Rosa

    I like your article,Romantic and touching my heart.

    I hope read more and more your article.the song is nice too.

    Thank you!

  2. Dear Rosa,
    I am so happy to read your beautiful poetry on another space. It feels very confortable here:) I’ll visit often.

    • Thanks for visiting dear Vesna! It is really a pleasure to have you here. Unfortunately I have some troubles in posting on Migue’s blog, so here I am with one of mine. 🙂
      Come whenever you want. You are really welcome at any time! :)))


  3. When I think how wonderful it is to know such gentle souls of poetry…
    My heart splits for the size of this beauty of all of you…

    I’m not sure if I’m making sense, I’m just happy to see these creations… xo

  4. How nice words Diane. 🙂 thanks a lot! I’d just like to write more often as I’m being very busy lately. But your presence here fill my heart with joy. 🙂

    Kisses and hugs!

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