Cada dìa

I wrote this poem with the help of my friend Migue, who, patiently read it and gave me some suggestions. I’m just a beginner in Spanish but I feel the beauty of this language, so similar to the mine, the Italian. I added also a translation into English, so you all will realize how much romantic is this poem. 🙂
The picture I added is the famous “Il bacio (The Kiss) an 1859 painting by the Italian Artist Francesco Hayez. It is possibly his best known work. This painting conveys the main features of Italian Romanticism and has come to represent the spirit of the Risorgimento (Wikipedia). In any case, I love the feeling expressed through this simple scene. 😉
Il Bacio - Francesco Hayez
y sentir tu voz
y perderme en tu ojos.
y ver tu sonrisa.
y beber de tu boca.
y decirte “te quiero”.
Solo esto,
esto querría hacer.
Cada dìa, mi Amor.”
“Looking at you
and listening at your voice.
Talking to you
and abandoning in your eyes.
Waking up
and seeing your smile.
Kissing you
and drinking from your mouth.
Just this,
this I’d like to do.
Everyday. My love.”
Il Bacio – Giovanni Allevi

8 thoughts on “Cada dìa

  1. Really nice poem Rosita! I think your poem represents the joy we could have in small and simple things when sharing a life with the loved one.
    It is nice you are writting in other language, I am sure you will be speaking spanish really soon 😉

    • Thanks a lot dear!! What a pleasure to have you here, in my personal blog!!!! 😀
      Yes, you are right: love is made by simple things. You don’t need any exceptional things to feel happy when you love someone. His existence is already enough to make you feel happy. If your beloved loves you, of course.

      Hugs from Italy! 🙂

  2. Rosa,

    You wrote this poem,it is very romantic.although I cannot find a true lover,u let me made a dream.Nice Poem.

    Thank You !

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