The Box

In a night out of time,

A little Angel for the first time,

Leant out of a cloud

to see what is behind

the blue-colored sky.

He tried to go ahead

Till he bent his blond head

beyond the white soft cover,

wandering in the sky.

He was surprised and

I’ll tell you why

He discovered many things to see:

Rivers and seas,

Mountains and forests,

Deserts and highlands,

Plains and wetlands

He looked also at the cities,

Full of streets and people with worries.

He saw buildings, and, gardens

where children and old were walking

and young people were talking

The little angel moved his eye

Till a place where there was a book

And a girl who was reading it.

She was holding at her side a box,

Sitting on a bench, near a hedge of boxes.

“What could be that?”-the curious Angel said

Another Angel, approached and explained:

“The people call it “the box”

There could be a gift in it”, he added.

A special present for a person: often for a friend”

So, the little Angel: “I saw a lot of things on the face

Of the Earth but a lot of them are sad…”

I’d like to gift people with a box”

The other Angel smiled without saying a word.

“You can’t save the human World”

The little Angel whispered with sweetness

“I’d give people a box to win the loneliness,

And one full of hope to the desperate

For the poor, I’d fill one with some richness

For the children, another one full of happiness”

“It’s Christmas time, our Lord sent to the Mankind,

Without changing his Mind,

The greatest gift he could sent”

The second Angel was already talking –

“His Son, and His Love without any packaging”

“So the Humans have already a great gift

But often they don’t see it.

Love is everywhere.

It could cure any malady of soul and body,

If just Love could be seen by everybody.”

In the meantime, the shadows fell even on the Earth,

The girl stopped reading.

They could see her breath, in the cold air of a winter sunset.

And, suddenly, the little Angel decided to do a gift to the girl

He just blew in her direction and a lukewarm breeze moved her hair.

A light appeared in the box, in the lighted air.

The Angels went away.

Which gift will the box contain?

We don’t know, but something thought to remain

In the girl’s heart till the end of her days.

Poem by Rosa, picture by my lovely friend Gabriel. 🙂


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