I wrote this short story for my friend’s blog, Migue, almost two years ago. Lately I found it in a folder of my laptop and I decided to post it now, in my blog. I hope you’ll like it. 🙂

Have you ever thought about how times we give just a look at people, without seeing them? There are some places where we are obliged to stop few minutes, and then we realize that we aren’t alone, that there are also some other people on the face of the Earth. Traffic light is an interesting place to observe the human behavior… We wait for the green light and at the same time we take a look to the things surrounding us, and sometimes we could see some interesting scenes or start a dialogue with another person…

It is a winter day, and Angela is coming back from a friend’s house…

“Another day is ending, and I haven’t gone to the hair stylist yet. I must be very smart tonight at Claudia’s party. A lot of important people will be there. Probably I’ll meet that charming man too..what is his name? Ah, Miguel!”-She smiles –“ I like him…”- But it’s 7 p.m., the peak hour-”There is a lot of traffic here” – she thinks – “and I can’t lose my time this way! Traffic lights! What a fastidious invention!!They were projected just to let the people lose their time!!”-She looks at another car at her right side – “After all, with or without them, the roads are crowded, full of caos…”-While she was wandering about this, she saw three people standing at the crossroad, trying to wash the car glasses- “…. And above all, full of a lot of homeless living in the streets asking the honest people to gift them with money.” In the meantime, she arrived at the crossroad – “What a stupid thing! Living on a road, sleeping on the dirty blankets without washing themselves.. My God! Oh, here it is one of them..what will he want? I won’t give him anything!.” She gives a look to the man standing at her left side and she feels observed.. He has something different from the others and he looks at her in a particular way. She feels uncomfortable. “Maybe, if well dressed, he could be acceptable. Nice face, some gray hair, slim…”. She looks at the man knocking at her car glass and suddenly she realized he isn’t asking for money… For a strange case, that poor man was just looking at her, and she feels like naked…Her eyes meet the poor man’s ones, and, for a moment, it seemed to her to be the “diverse” the “alien”, the one who needs help. She takes a look at the mirror to check her look…”Well I’m fifty, but I’m still charming. I have a good position, an expensive car…” The green light is on, and Angela wakes up from this strange “open-eyes- dream”. “What did he want from me?…” -She starts. Her mind throws away that strange feeling – ”..well if I’m lucky I’ll be in time for the party…”.

And you? Did you ever see any intersting scene at a traffic light? 🙂



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