Laura was seated on the sand, near the water’s edge. Her feet washed by the cold seawater in a cloudy day of March. She was looking at the neverending-blue-gray expanse opening in front of her. Still in her prime, she was dressing a blue keyway and white pants which extremities were rolled up over her ankles. A fresh breeze moved her long black hair while she was breathing deeply the fresh marine air, keeping her eyes closed. In that moment she wasn’t a woman, but a marine creature. She could feel all lifeforms swarming in the seadepths, the dolphins swimming fastly through the waves, some crabs moving on the sand just few meters far from her. She was in the sea. She was the sea. But that magic was interrupted by a five-years old Labrador, Tango. He jumped happly, licking her. Laura waked up from her dream and started laughing. A screaming seagull flew over her head and, then, she realized how late it was. Later, she would have a date with a young detective at a club, "The Valentian Club".

She already knew her destiny would have been decided that night. She felt it. She has always been sensitive. As her grandmother used to say, she had a "gift" but, nevertheless, she couldn’t imagine that her life would have been in serious danger just few hours later… She wouldn’t imagine He had found her…
The young woman took Tango by its leash, took her shoes and started walking by the sea, while a song was playing in her mind…
 Picture by Gabriel, writting by Rosa.
A gift
Twenty years passed since she met a tall, shadowy man for the first time. His name was ancient almost like the Universe itself. Laura was playing with a ball in the courtyard when he appeared. The man approached to her:”Fasten the laces of your pretty shoes or you’ll fall down, Laura”. Something shining appeared in his hand. “This is a gift for you. Take care of it”. That was the beginning.

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